Terms and Conditions for the International [email protected] 2020 Webinar Series

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the availability of seats for the Event. C2 will confirm your successful registration as a participant via email.

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  1. The conditions below apply to you, as a participant registering for the International [email protected] 2020 Webinar Series (“Event”), which is managed by C2 Creative Communications Pte Ltd (“C2”) on behalf of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (“MPA”).

  2. MPA reserves the right to postpone, cancel, interrupt or terminate the Event or to make any changes to the Event (including but not limited to changing any Event speakers, presenters, topics, format of presentation, or the mode or platform on which it is to be held, or to the date or time it is held) as it deems fit, without prior notice to, or liability to any participant.

  3. By registering for the Event:
    1. You agree that your participation in the Event shall be governed by the Website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and that you will, for the entire duration of the Event:
      1. respect all other Event participants, organisers and officials;
      2. not engage in improper conduct;
      3. not engage in verbal abuse of any person;
      4. comply with all requests, instructions and directions given by the representatives of MPA and C2.
    2. You consent to the use and disclosure to third parties authorised by MPA, of your personal data and any photographs or audio-video or other recordings taken of you in connection with the Event (“Materials”), for MPA’s marketing and promotional purposes in connection with the Event, and generally in connection with MPA’s activities promoting Maritime Singapore (“Purposes”);
    3. You agree that all copyright and any other intellectual property rights in any Materials shall vest solely in MPA and that you shall have no claim to, or any rights to any remuneration or compensation, for the use of the same by MPA or third parties authorised by MPA for the Purposes;
    4. You agree that any social media updates that you may make in connection with the Event may be reposted, reproduced or published by MPA in any manner it deems fit for any of the Purposes;
    5. You agree to receive notifications of events or other publicity materials from MPA or from third parties authorised by MPA at the contact details provided by you.

  4. MPA and C2 reserve the right to refuse admission to, or evict or remove any person(s) from the Event, whose conduct is disrespectful, improper or abusive or who otherwise fails to comply with the requests, instructions and directions of MPA and C2 issued in relation to the Event.

  5. MPA is not responsible for any information provided by and views expressed by any person in connection with the Event. The hosting of this Event shall not be construed as MPA’s endorsement of the accuracy or reliability of any information or views presented in connection with the Event and MPA shall not be liable to any participant for any damage or loss whatsoever arising from any reliance placed on the same.